Velkommen til U. Pihl videregående skole

U. Pihl vgs. - In English

U. Pihl videregående skole (upper secondary school), was founded as a private school for girls by Henriette Meyer in 1848, who left it in the hands of her niece Ulrike Pihl when she retired. Influenced by her own teacher training in England,  Ulrike Pihl put emphasis on modern languages such as English and also physical education. The school offered education in music until the late 1990s and produced a considerable number of pupils who would later  become artists in both classical music, jazz and pop. The school has always had a strong science department. 


Being located in the heart of Bergen until 1988, when the University of Bergen took over the building, the school  competed with other prominent schools.


After the First World War the city council took over the school in 1921, the county was put in charge of the school in 1972 and still is. The school turned co-educational in 1954/55.


At present, the school has about 340 pupils and 35 teachers. In addition to three parallel groups of pupils in 11th, 12th and 13th grades that offer general academic training for future university and college studies, the school also has one class in 11th,12th and 13th grades specializing in sports theory and various sports disciplines. The pupils have between 30 and 35 lessons a week.


In recent years, various reforms have focused on helping the pupils develop  learning strategies, interdisciplinary and ICT skills as well as self-assessment skills. All pupils lease computers for the three years they spend here. It is worth mentioning that our pupils may choose entreneurship and study law as A-level courses.


Following the policy of inclusion of the Norwegian government, the school houses a special needs class. These  pupils participate in a variety of school activities and project work.


Pupils are submitted to start-up interviews and follow-up talks  during the autumn and spring terms. In addition, they have talks about their progress in their studies, in both autumn and spring.


The school has a history of going abroad with classes, both to Britain , France, Germany and Poland and hosting Comenius language assistants.  The school also has a good record in a variety of sports.


Right now, the school  hosts a Comenius teacher assistant from Santander, Spain, and is involved in two Comenius projects, one  financed by Brussels, a multilateral project, (2009 – 2012) TeacMem, involving teachers and teacher education bodies, (and at a later date students), developing course material and approaches to studying memorial sites in multinational student groups, under the tutelage of professor Andeas Körber and his team from the University of Hamburg, the second being a multilateral Comenius school partnership (2009 – 2011), The Consumer Society and Youth in Europe,  involving schools from Finland, Germany, Italy and Spain.                           



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